Equity in Education

Our PTA is strongly committed to reflecting on our school’s responsibilities as a privileged white-dominant option school in North Seattle. We believe in advocating for ALL children in our own school and beyond.

National PTA Position Statement

SAY THEIR NAMES: ADDRESSING INSTITUTIONAL OR SYSTEMIC RACISM is a position statement that was adopted by the National PTA in July 2020 by the association’s Board of Directors. National PTA stands firmly against racism in all forms and the culture of oppression that permeates the United States. This statement reaffirms National PTA’s commitment to listen, educate and advocate beyond rhetoric and rise to correct all inequities and injustices. Thornton Creek PTA voted unanimously at our Winter 2021 General Meeting in support of this position statement.

Washington State PTA Resolution

Resolution 2.26, Dismantling Institutional and Systemic Racism was adopted by the Washington State PTA in October, 2020. It was originally drafted and submitted by the Washington State PTA resolution committee and the Seattle Council PTSA. Among those who submitted and reviewed this document were local leaders Manuela Slye, Sebrena Burr, Ed Lin, and Tracy Gill-Castro, as well as multiple parents of color, and among others. Thornton Creek PTA voted unanimously at our Winter 2021 General Meeting to adopt this resolution.

Seattle Special Education PTSA

  • Assisting families of students with disabilities as they navigate the education system

  • Building bridges between the general and special education communities in order to bring increased educational resources and opportunities for all students.

  • Partnering with parents and educators as we advocate for improvements in the special education system.

Resources: https://seattlespecialeducationptsa.org/resources

NAACP Youth Council

On Monday, October 5, 2020, the NAACP Youth Council launched the school year with a list of demands for both the State of Washington and Seattle Public Schools. Here is a recording of the webinar.

We have had two opportunities to bring representatives from Seattle's NAACP Youth Council to Thornton Creek where they shared their school experiences with us and reported on the important advocacy work they are doing to improve the educational climate for all students.

Additional Links

We have collected the resource links below to help further our understanding of the challenges students and families are met with, and to inform our advocacy within education systems that center white-dominant, neurotypical and heteronormative culture. If you would like to suggest additional resources, please reach out to us at hello@tc-pta.org.

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